Welcome to Bac-Flo Unlimited, Inc.


Welcome to Bac-Flo Unlimited, Inc.

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Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Courses

The following is a brief description of the current Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Training Courses being offered by Bac-Flo Unlimited, Inc. Covid-19 had affected our normal course scheduling and limited course numbers. To maintain sanitary control within our courses we are only conducting courses at our facility located in Boerne, Texas. Additionally, as courses become full we will sometimes establish another course that will not be on the current list of courses.

40 Hour Backflow Tester Certification Course - $725         

This course fully prepares student for the practical skills exam provided at end of course and the written exam at a TCEQ approved site after course completion. Students do not need their own gauge for course attendance. TCEQ license prerequisites: two full years of approved water related work experience, H.S. diploma or GED, and criminal background check. Questions regarding criminal background check and TCEQ license approval can be directed to licenses@tceq.texas.gov or 512-239-1000. Provided ate 12 CEU hours to irrigation, water/wastewater, CSI and water treatment licenses. 100 hours are provided toward obtaining a state plumbing inspector's license.               

24 Hour Backflow Tester License Renewal - $595.00

This course provides all the necessary credit to renew a BPAT license when taken before the license expiration date. A USC 10th edition manual and an annual gauge certification are included with this course. 24 CEU hours provided to the BPAT license and 8 hours provided to irrigation, water/wastewater, CSI, and water treatment specialist. *Note: student may be compensated for bringing their own USC 10th edition manual to class. 

8 Hour Hands On (Practical Skills) Course - $300             

This course provides the 8 hours of practical skills (hands-on) training that's required by TCEQ every three years for licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers. Attendees take advantage of separated hands-on practice stations that are interchangeable by the students themselves. Included is one free gauge certification per student and a set of 10th edition USC laminated testing procedures. Safety measures include each student having his or own testing equipment the entire class.

16 Hour Backflow Tester Practical Skills and Repair - $425

This two day course provides 16 hours towards a Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester's license including the required eight hours of practical skills (hands-on) training. As in all of our courses, mutliple safety measures are in place including each student having his or own testing equipment. One gauge certification and 10th edition USC laminated testing procedures are provided.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

- Adhering to Sanitary Guidelines -

 TCEQ Occupational Licensing Response to COVID-19

With the onset of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the Governor’s Proclamation of a state of disaster in Texas, TCEQ is extending the expiration dates of all occupational licenses expiring March through August of 2020 by 30 days. All licenses expiring after August 31, 2020 are expected to comply within the original 3-year renewal cycle. TCEQ is aware that occupational license holders may be having difficulty locating in-person continuing education classes for renewal of their licenses. All license holders are encouraged to seek online training opportunities, when possible.

BPAT license holders whose licenses expire March 2020 through March 2021 are still required to obtain 24 continuing education hours through online courses; however, the TCEQ is temporarily waiving the requirement that eight (8) of the CE hours must be hands-on, practical skills training in order to renew their license. This information and future updates are available at Occupational Licensing Responses to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Bac-Flo Unlimited Courses

Our courses have been modified for six foot spacing with students having his or her own testing equipment and supplies. Additional ventilation, face covering requirement, an abundance of sanitation measures throughout classroom and lab testing area, along with temperature checks have been implemented for the safety of our students. Entire course is conducted in an outdoor, pavilion type setting.


Bac-Flo Unlimited provides Gauge Care™, quality service for your differential pressure backflow gauge. Ship us your gauge for its yearly certification, and repairs if needed, and we'll safely ship it back certified with an updated calibration report usually within three business days. Or, contact us for weekly certification times in Boerne, TX.

Ship your gauge to our secure shipping address below using any shipping method:

Bac-Flo Unlimited, Inc.

215 West Bandera Road

Suite 114, Box 455

Boerne, TX 78006

Include with gauge the following information: testing company's name, address, phone number, along with physical return shipping address. - For payment include check or money order for $100 per gauge ($75 certification fee and $25 for return shipping), or contact us with credit card information. The usual turnaround time is 2 - 3 business days for getting your gauge shipped back to you. Please note a delay in return shipping could occur without payment or the required information above.

For maximum protection ship gauge in its hard sided case placed in a cardboard box. Removing heavy objects such as tools and fittings will reduce shipping costs. Gauge hoses do not need to be included. Upon receiving your gauge, we'll inspect, pressure test, verify accuracy points, and fully certify it providing an updated certification report valid for a full year. If there are questions or concerns in regard to a gauge needing additional attention such as calibration or repair, you'll be immediately contacted to discuss further options.